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Below are links and descriptions to major databases and resources for finding Illinois laws or legislation. If you need help on doing a legislative history of a particular law, see Tracing Illinois Legislation (prepared for POS 410).

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Full Text Databases

General Assembly -- Official website for the state legislature. Browse or keyword search for bills or laws within a General Assembly session (back to the 90th session, 1997-98). Also has information on:

Illinois Administrative Code -- Browse or keyword search the version compiled by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.

LexisNexis Academic (UIS Database) -- Under Legal Research locate state case law and state codes.

Click on State Case Law to access the searchable text of:

  • Illinois Appellate Court Cases (1877-present)
  • Illinois Supreme Court Cases (1819-present)

Click on State Codes to access the searchable text of:

  • Illinois Advanced Legislative Service (1989-present) - Individual General Assembly legislation enacted into law.
  • Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated (current) - All the laws of Illinois, arranged by subject.
  • Illinois Constitution (current)

LexisNexis State Capital (UIS Database) -- Has searchable text to law and legislative information. Since State Capital Universe is for all 50 states, you will need to limit your search to Illinois at the outset.

Click on Bills to access the searchable text of:

  • Bills (1991-present) - Proposed legislation by a member of the General Assembly, may search by keyword or citation (H.B. for House, S.B. for Senate).
  • Bill Tracking (1991-present) - History of a particular bill, e.g. when it was proposed, who sponsored it, when it was sent to committee, and when it was signed into law.

Click on Statutes to access the searchable text of the Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated, or all the state laws arranged by subject, and the State Constitution.

Click on Regulations to access the searchable text of:

  • Proposed Regulations (current) - Search for proposed administrative rules and regulations of state agencies.
  • Administrative Codes (1980-present) - Search the Illinois Administrative Code, the administrative rules and regulations of the state agencies, arranged by subject.

Click on Policy & Issues to access the searchable text of short reports and articles on state government issues, or the State Journal-Register back to 1994 (under State Newspapers of Record)

Other databases include General Assembly Member information and List of Links for other suggested websites.

Westlaw's Campus Research (UIS Database, temporarily on-campus only) -- full text access to West publications for Illinois statutory law (Illinois Statutes & Administrative Code), case law from Illinois (or any other state), as well as secondary sources such as law reviews, American Law Reports (ALR) and American Jurisprudence 2d.

Major Print Resources

Illinois Compiled Statutes [REF KFI 1230 A2301] -- Laws of Illinois, arranged by subject.

Laws of Illinois [DOC.IL S 4.111] -- Official version of the laws passed by the General Assemby, in chronological order.

Legislative Synopsis & Digest [DOC. IL Y 4.L 52:L 52/] - Excellent print compilation of summaries of legislation, arranged chronologically, and list of when action was taken on the bill. Indexes in the back to find the public law number for a bill and vice versa.

Useful Websites

Illinois Legislative History -- by UIUC's Law Library

Researching Legislative History -- by Richard C. Edwards, Executive Director of the Legislative Reference Bureau

    • General Assembly Members House & Senate - Hyperlinked biographical sketches, list of bills proposed, and contact information. Can also find out who your representatives are by submitting your address.
    • Legislation & Laws - Browse or keyword search Bills, Resolutions, etc.
    • Public Acts - Browse or keyword search laws passed, by General Assembly.
    • House and Senate Journals (1997-present) - Daily record of what took place on the House or Senate Floor and who voted for/against a bill. Can keyword most of the prior Journals.
    • House & Senate Live Session Video/Audio - Watch or listen to the House Floor when the House is in session.

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