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Anti-Amnesty rally in Wheaton Illinois
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Illinois and Chicago Tea Party members join the West Suburban Patriots for a STOP Amnesty rally in Wheaton Illinois - 07/30/2014.

Chicago Tea Party mourns the loss of Jack Roeser
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Chicago Tea Party mourns the loss of Jack Roeser


The Chicago Tea Party mourns the loss of a great American patriot. Today we lost Jack Roeser, founder of Otto Engineering and Jack was an entrepreuner, inventor, businessman, philanthropist and political activist. Below is a tribute to Jack Roeser.

We will always remember Jack's life, his passion and his patriotism. Only two months ago Jack was dancing on stage with all of us at the 6th annual Chicago Illinois Tea Party Tax Day rally. He was so full of life and love for his country. This is how we will always remember Jack.

Rest in peace patriot.

If you wish to send flowers or obtain more information on memorial services for Jack Roeser click here


Chicago Tea Party protest of the IRS May 21, 2013
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Remembering my friend 'Chip' Gerdes. Tags: Chip Gerdes Parker Gerdes Tea Party

Today we lost another warrior for the Conservative movement. Not a glory hound, but a humble, hard working Patriot who worked behind the scenes. My friend Chip Gerdes. I first met Chip in 2010 in a bar in Chicago at 2:00 a.m. Myself and a few other Tea Party Patriots waited over an hour for him because he was running late. I remember thinking to myself... 'I will wait as long as it takes to meet this man' because I read an article he penned in a popular magazine about defeating the left by using their own tactics against them. Needless to say his reputation proceeded him.

You see Chip was an Alinsky expert. No one and I do mean NO ONE could use Alinsky tactics against the Regressive Left like Chip. Well, other than his dear friend and mentor Andrew Breitbart. Another warrior who was taken from us just over a year ago now and much too soon.

Fast forward one week after meeting Chip and my wife and I found ourselves sitting in a public library questioning the now forcibly retired U.S. Congresswoman Melissa Bean in 'rapid fire' format. When she would try to shut us down. Another one of us would rise and question her again. Even using her hired THUG, she could not deflect our questions and was forced to answer each and every one of them. Quite frankly, she didn't know what was going on and was entirely unprepared for this kind of citizen activism. You can watch what happened below:

Not long after this event took place, Melissa Bean was replaced with a new U.S. Representative. Namely,  Congressman Joe Walsh who served his constituents far better than Melissa Bean, who was locked step with the Obama administration and proud of her vote for for Obamcare. She affectionately referred to as 'Americare'. In stark contrast, Joe Walsh held to Tea Party principles during his tenure in Congress eventually receiving a 93% score from the Heritage Institute.

Chip and our mutual friend 'Sharpie' were the first to introduce me - and I imagine many other Tea Party activists - to something called "Citizen Journalism". I have used what he taught me on multiple occasions since. Like this time:

Since that fateful encounter with Chip, I was blessed to spend much quality time with him hanging out in Chicago, taking calls in the middle of the night  (if Chip calls you answer, period) and learning just how diabolical the Regressive Left can be. Chip had endless stories of political battles he had won and the very few he had lost. These stories are amongst the many things I will miss about Chip. Each one was a true learning experience. I will also miss the "Eagles Nest". A location in Chicago that like Chip, is so incognito that if I told you any more, I would have to kill you.

This is one of my favorite pics from the 2012 Chicago Tax Day Tea party rally. It's Chip and our mutual friend Jeremy Segal. Another phenomenal citizen journalist from Chicago who was also mentored by the late, great Andrew Breitbart.

To understand this pic, you must first watch this video of an unhinged loon screaming at Sarah Palin in Wisconsin. Shot by Jeremy and Chip:

Chip served his country in the U.S military and was a giant of a man. He always made everyone feel a bit safer when we were in the thick of it.  I will never forget moving through a crowd of angry union members with Chip, Jeremy and Andrew Breitbart. The unions were protesting Governor Walker's reforms in Wisconsin and Andrew had just delivered a rip roaring speech supporting Governor Walker and scolding the unions. Then, only moments later Andrew had to make it safely to the other 'Eagles Nest' in Madison. This meant traveling through a crowd full of the same people he had just scolded. In front of me in this video is that giant of a man who gave Andrew his hat and glasses to help disguise him amongst this crowd of angry, chanting union members. Like I said, Chip was a brave American Patriot.

If there is one thing I will take away from our friendship, it is this. Do not be afraid of those who may call you a racist because you disagree with Barack Obama's policies. Protesting Socialism is not Racism, it is instead Patriotism. May God bless and keep you my friend and be with your family in this time of need. You are already sorely missed.

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